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Do you want to install an EV charger at home?

Do you manage a business, properties, hotels or apartments and want to install a series of electric vehicle charging points?


With the right home charging solution, your electric vehicle is always ready to go.

We are able to supply and install Wallbox and Tesla chargers allowing charging your EV at home to be convenient and cost-effective.

The simplicity of charging in your own garage means you can forget about looking for a public charger or planning for additional stops. Just head home, plug in, and wake up tomorrow to a full battery.

You can also choose when to charge. This allows you to benefit from your utility provider’s lowest energy rates.

Charging your EV at home will change your energy consumption pattern, and that must be considered when choosing the best charger.

Our team recommend a smart charger, which enables the exchange of data between your car, the grid, and the charger. This gives you control over its performance, your total energy consumption, and, ultimately, the most efficient usage.

Commercial: Businesses, Hotels, Apartments, Carparks


Suitable for type 1&2 connectors.


Multiple users can be monitored and available power can be distributed amongst various chargers.


Beautifully designed and manufactured, this product will make a real statement about your company.


Wallbox charge stations offer users the ability to adjust and set the charge current. This allows you to tune your charger to your individual charging requirements with the ability to ramp it up when necessary for days of larger distances travelled.


Smaller than a toaster and lighter than a laptop the Pulsar Plus offers up to 22KW of charging capacity. Connects to any smart device via Wifi or bluetooth to allow you to schedule charging sessions, monitor your charger status and more via the myWallbox app.


The integrated socket allows for charging of any EV. Offers secured shared access and connects to any smart device. Smart control your charger via the myWallbox platform. Connect 2 or more chargers to the same electrical circuit and charge multiple EVs at once.


Up to 22KW of charging capacity. Touch screen to unlock and choose charge settings. Secure shared access. Connects to any smart device. Connect 2 or more chargers and charge multiple EVs at once.


Up to 71km of range per hour of charge. Compatible with models: S,3,X and Y. Built in RCD protection. Power sharing capability (up to 4 wall connectors) Tempered white glass face plate.

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