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We aim to service Auckland homes in a professional and ethical manner every single day of the yearLighting up your garden area can really help you flaunt the outdoor environment around your home.

The addition of garden lights, whether used in the front, or back garden, can really bring your outdoor spaces to the next level, allowing you to show off your entertaining area to friends and family. The added bonus of outdoor lighting is that it can add to the safety of your outdoor areas by reducing the risk of accidents that are often caused by a lack of light.

When you’re deciding on which type of lights to use, it’s worth considering that using external LED lights is a really good way to save money in the long run. Not only are they extremely energy efficient, but they actually last much longer than standard light fixtures that rely on incandescent or halogen globes.

Sensor Lights

The advent of motion sensor technology in outdoor lighting has made it so much easier for you to increase the security and safety of your outdoor areas whilst also saving on energy costs! Sensor lights provide you with a major benefit, ensuring you conserve your power since the light only comes on when you are nearby and need it. This means you don’t pay over the top for electricity running throughout the night.

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Outdoor Lighting Tips and Energy Saving Ideas

Firstly and most importantly, please be aware to never use indoor lighting in an external environment! Doing this is one of the common causes of power shorting out and fuses tripping.

Another good tip to keep your garden lighting working properly and safely is to do a quick safety check when cleaning outdoor fixtures: be sure to check cords and outlets to make sure everything is completely sealed, intact and working safely.

LEDs are becoming increasingly common in outdoor lighting fixtures due to their durability. You might find that a lot of homes already have LED lights installed on their porch or balconies! Because external lights are usually switched on for long periods, using LED will help you save money as they are far more energy efficient than any kind of fluorescent, incandescent or halogen lights.

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